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Anti-Ageing / Wrinkles

“After I used it for 2 weeks…my mother was staring at me…then she asked me if I had botox!” – Elize Vermaak

… difference that I could see within a few days, as well as a softness… ” – S. Smith

… After exactly one week …made me look younger.”  – J. Bekker.

Wrinkles around my eyes are definitely less noticeable.” – Santa v.W.

Does wonders for my neck especially…have never came across something that makes me look so good the whole day long.”– Magda Smith

… Don’t have loose skins on my nose like before. Protects skin around my eyes. Restores skin making it smooth … It has improved my skin…”  – Linda M.

I also see a difference, lines have softened, I’m impressed … feels good on…”  – M. Dyson

Fantastic – after using for a week the ‘crow’s feet’ (wrinkles) around the sides of my eyes and those under my eyes were noticeably softer…Puffiness and dark circles better.” – U. du Plessis

…damage to my neck caused by salon treatment is improving and fine wrinkles seems to be disappearing…wonderful moisturizer, does not make it oily.”  – S.Vermaak

…lines on her cheeks, nose and neck started to ‘fill up’ ”. –  Adriana F.

… Makes your eyes and skin look younger… works for my skin and eczema.”  – M.Vermaak.


Noticed that a blemish is lighter!” – C.Wait

…lightens sun spots and light scars after a few days of use.” – I.Kotze

…lightened blemish on my cheek.” – P.Steenkamp

Feels fresh after use. Removes dark circles under my eyes.” – N.Gardner

Blemishes became lighter.” – J.Wait


… unexpectedly received compliments about my lovely skin! “ – C.Wait

…received compliments.” – B.Verwey

I get compliments for my skin and women often ask me what I use.” – S.Mey


Very nice – use much less than other creams!”  – C.Wait

…feels as if I put something with substance on my face.” – M.Bezuidenhout

Fast Results

…difference that I could see after applying just a few times…” – S.Spies

Big difference after just 2 days…” – M.Dyson

…after exactly one week… look younger.”  – J.Bekker

“…results within 4-5 days…very soon received compliments – skin looks smoother.” – I.Kotze

Immediate results.” – S.Vermaak

Fantastic – after using for a week the ‘crow’s feet’ (wrinkles) around the sides of my eyes and those under my eyes were noticeably softer.” “Puffiness and dark circles better.” – U.du Plessis

Joan Wait could see results in “one week”.

Within 3 days.” – N.Gardner

Within a few days.” – M. Bezuidenhout

Within 3 days.”  – V.Marais


It worked for me exactly after one week. It truly works. Others see the changes, even my husband… I think it is fantastic in all aspects” – J.Bekker

Lovely and soft, moisturizing…also with huge success on my neck…Leaves your skin feeling moisturised and soft, throughout the day.”  – M. Smith

So nice, it feels as if I went for an eye treatment. It smells fresh.”  – E.Maree

… very good product. Definitely works … easy to apply and absorbs quickly.”  – Santa v.W

…very good! Nourishing and moisturises my skin without making my face oily… My base make-up goes on easily after I have put this moisturiser on. My skin feels better and softer to the touch.”  – Linda M

Feels great on my skin…feels softer…skin feels nourished.”  – S.Spies

I really like the cream … like the fragrance … skin feels lovely when I apply it and also looks better afterwards.”  – E.Kleinhans

…skin feels refreshed…lasts the whole day…new glow.” – P.Steenkamp

…have found pores in T-zone appear smaller; skin smoother, less bumps….leaves soft layer on skin” – R.Scott

Healthier Skin

…fantastic in all aspects! Skin looks glowing and healthy, softer…” – M.Dyson

It softens my skin and the texture is 100% … works for itching and eczema.” – Madeliza V.

Hypoallergenic & Sensitive Skin

… I struggle with a very sensitive skin and have never found anything that works like the Rich Nourishing Cream. I am in the clouds.” “It helps with my eczema and relieves the itchiness immediately.” – Madeliza V.

I am really excited about the El-Amì cream…think it is the first cream I have used that did not burn my skin.” – A. Mouton

I cannot use any product close to my eyes…”burns” my eyes. This cream, no such reaction.” – M.Smith


Does wonders, especially for my neck … I have never been able to get a neck cream that keeps my neck looking this good all day.” – Magda S.


My pores are smaller and my skin texture is smoother.” – S.Coetzer

… Pores smaller and bumps disappeared…” – M.Dyson

…have found pores in T-zone appear smaller; skin smoother, less bumps….leaves soft layer on skin” – R.Scott


… skin above my eyelid not so puffy anymore.” – W.v.Rooyen

Softer Skin

Really nice and soft on my skin. Skin looks nourished and soft the whole day. Does not ‘disappear’ after a few minutes.” – Magda S.

…my skin feels much better, and softer to the touch.” – L.Maritz

…my skin feels softer and so smooth.” – E.Maree


…improves elasticity…” – I. Kotze

…skin feels softer…improves texture.” – M.Smith

My pores are smaller and my skin texture is smoother.” – S.Coetzer

Great cream that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple … absorbs quickly, feels refreshing.” – S.Spies

Tighter Skin

It has improved my skin. Don’t have loose skin on my nose like before.” – L.Maritz

It definitely makes the skin tighter.” – W.v.Rooyen

Facial Cleansing Bar

The soap feels wonderful on my skin. My skin looks more glowing!” – A. Mouton

It is the only soap used in our household. It is the best cleanser for my face and my husband and sons only shave with the comfrey soap – no more ingrown hair! It is also great for my dog’s allergies and itchy skin!”  – Sanet M.

The soap is very soft on my skin…No irritation or itching. It is indeed a wonder soap and I am very satisfied with it.”  – M.Dyson

I am very impressed…No irritation on my skin, especially not on sensitive areas…”  – L. Meyer

My mon struggled with a bad patch on her chin…started using the Facial Cleansing Bar on her face…no longer sore and she now use the soap on her skin and face on a permanent basis with wonderful results.”  – V.Marais

…I had small bumps on my upper arms and since using the Comfrey Soap my arms are much smoother. I also use the soap when shaving – no rash on my legs.”  – V.M.


…used to have very bad shaving bumps that appeared no matter what I used for shaving. I had tried so many products, many that ended up burning my skin so badly it would take weeks to heal…started using Miracle Comfrey Soap, -Cream and –Oil…after a week the bumps started disappearing…my skin tone and evenness improved remarkably. The bumps, spots, skin unevenness are all COMPLETELY gone now!…”  – M. Nkosi