Many years ago I asked God to use me so that other people can also experience His love and goodness. Miracle Comfrey  and El-Amì stemmed from this. Miracle Comfrey products focus on skin ailments while El-Amì products focus on cosmetics that help to restore & repair skin. Women are created to be beautiful and loved. When your skin glows, it shows! When women are noticed or when they receive compliments about their skin, they feel loved.

I had extremely dry skin and bought various – and expensive – creams, however nothing was sufficient. I decided to make my own cream which would be rich enough and works against wrinkles and sun damage. I did a lot of research to find the best natural, safe and non-irritating ingredients because I also have a very sensitive skin. Soon thereafter I started receiving compliments about my skin and many women wanted to know what products I use. Several ladies asked if they could purchase some cream from us and so we started offering it for sale. The very first cream was called “Honey Double Cream”.

We handed out a range of samples and asked the ladies to complete a feedback form. We found that almost all of the women noticed an improvement in their skin within a week and others noticed an improvement after just 7-10 days! My sister is 10 years older than I am and also used it. When my mother saw her again she asked her if she went for botox!

I felt prompted by God to start a business where all the profit is used to advance Kingdom projects. As founder, I only work as an employee. El-Amì also creates income opportunities as it is mainly sold through agents.


National Winner 2015/2016

Most Influential Women in South Africa in business and government
SME category

CEO Global